Friday, August 7, 2009

House of the Night authors interview

Do you love the House of the Night series? Did you know it is written by a mother-daughter team, P.C. and Kristin Cast? Read about how they write together in this interview in Entertainment Weekly’s new book blog Shelf Life. Mom (P. C.) will write a first draft of a novel and 22-year-old Kristin will:

go back in and fill in the parts that she hasn’t, like the descriptions, or similes and metaphors, or the the plot references. I do a lot of those. But if there’s a word that I can tell one of the teenagers wouldn’t use, I’ll change that and use the comment bubbles and put notes all throughout it, and she goes back and reads it and rewrites it…and then we send it in.

You can order Tempted, the sixth book of the series, from our online catalog, and be one of the first to read it! The publication date is 10/27/09.

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Akira Snow said...

aww i'm super excited abou it coming out but i can't seem to get the books fast enough from the library its way to popular >.<
*sigh* have to be patient