Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trailer Tuesday: Boy21 by Matthew Quick

I don't believe that this trailer does Boy21 by Matthew Quick justice. It's an unassuming book, but boy does it pack a punch.

Finley doesn't talk much. Because of that, and because he's the only white kid on his high school's basketball team, people call him White Rabbit. The summer before senior year, Coach asks him to do a favor and befriend a new kid, show him around, and try to convince him to play ball. Russ, the new kid, would rather you call him Boy21, and is waiting for his parents to return from space and take him with him. Finley knows that Boy21's parents were murdered, and he can tell right away that he needs help. A LOT of help. Professional help. What he doesn't understand is why Coach thinks he'd be any help, or why Coach thinks Finley and Russ, White Rabbit and Boy21, have something in common.

I loved it. It was wacky, funny, and heartbreaking. Which, based on Matthew Quick's last novel, is exactly what I expected.

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