Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Teen Tech Month Book Give-Away: My Adventures As a Young Filmmaker

Hey everybody. Guess what? It is now officially Teen Tech Month here at Sno-Isle Libraries.  So for our weekend book give away, I want to give you a book that will hopefully inspire you to enter our Teen Tech Month Video Contest!  Andrew Jenks is best known for his MTV documentary series World of Jenks.  And now he has written a book all about it called My Adventures As a Young Filmmaker.

Meet the filmmaker who is the voice of his generation! Behind the camera, Andrew Jenks has captured the attention of young adults everywhere with his innovative MTV documentary series, World of Jenks. When asked about his inspiration for the show, Jenks said, "I want to tell the stories of my generation. I want to be a filmmaker that is able to capture what my generation thinks, how they act, and what they ultimately stand for." Now fans of all ages will be able to discover everything they've ever wanted to know about Jenks, from growing up to becoming a renowned documentary filmmaker in this comprehensive photo-biography. How did he do it? By following his own rules for success-always be flexible, fake it till you make it, and never accept no.

Does that sound like a book you might want to read?  For your chance to win, tell me about the most fun video you've made, or an idea you have for making a video.

Winner will be selected with Random Number Generator on Saturday March 16, 2013. Be sure to leave a name with your entry, and check back to see if you won. To win you must be a teen (6th-12th grade, or 12-18) who uses a Sno-Isle Library. 


Swimmer Star said...

i think it would be really cool to have a bunch of characters from popular books put on a skit and debate and it would just be really cool to include book characters.

Dawn said...

I would love to see that!

Dawn said...

Ok Swimmer Star...you are the winner! I'll send your book to Mountlake Terrace. You should be able to pick it up Wednesday :)