Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Spine Poetry

Today is the last official day to celebrate April Poetry Month!  

So in honor of spring, and found poetry, and books, and procrastination, and cleverness, I bring you...

Book Spine Poetry

"My name is not easy
I'm not who you think I am
Run is not my Indian name
Don't call my Ishmael
I am not Joey Pigza
I am the ice worm
I am David
My name is Mina
Poetry speaks who I am"

I recently discovered this thing. And yes, it is a Thing. It seems that everyone already knew about this; it's been all over the internet, and I'm only just catching on. But fortunately I discovered it in time to stretch my creative muscles and share this last hurrah to Poety Month with you! 

"Everything you need to survive the apocalypse
Blood and chocolate
Love and other perishable items
Riding out the storm
The long wait for tomorrow"
 By Elise Doney 
This afternoon at the Lynnwood Library, I scanned the stacks, searching for those catchy clever titles. I didn't know what I was looking for, so I just gathered as many books as I could carry and sat down in the Teen Center to assemble my spine label poetry. 

"Take me there
I'll be there
All the way
Wish you were here"
By Elise Doney

I fumbled the books, and muttered to myself, and was not at all a natural book spine poet. But the people in the Teen Zone totally helped me out. Together, we created this beauty:  

"Confessions of a serial killer
Tell me a secret
Little black lies
Will work for prom dress"
By Elise Doney and Lynnwood teens

What do you think? Maybe next year for Poetry Month, we can have a spine label poetry contest!
 Would you enter?

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