Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tech Thursday: Learn to create GIFs

GIFs* are all the rage, from serious-minded tutorials to funny and entertaining videos to current news stories. The most recent news-related GIF I saw was a satellite image showing extreme flooding along the Russia/China border.

Alarming Satellite GIFs Show Russia's Extreme Flooding retrieved from on 9/18/2013

There are lots of really great sites that can teach you how to create these ultra-short movies. The list below is just to get you started: (has a rotating selection of new and popular GIFs) in addition to being able to create a GIF from uploaded pictures (typically how it's done), you can also use makeagif to make GIF vids from your webcam or a YouTube url  This is actually a collection of downloadable resources for creating GIFs. While some have an associated fee, there are also several free programs you can download to your computer -- just narrow down the list by clicking on "freeware":


--> If you create a GIF (or have created one) we'd love to see it -- just put the link in the comments below.

All sites listed above were vetted as "OK" by Norton -- it's a good practice to see reviews of sites to make sure they aren't going to install malicious spyware or adware onto your computer! 

*Note: This PBS video outlines the history and current -- and profound use of -- animated GIFs.

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