Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Reading Challenge

Photo by Anne M.
Happy New Year!

2014 promises all kinds of great books.  How many do you plan to read?  How do you track your reading?

I like using Goodreads to track my books.  Last year I used took part in the Goodreads reading challenge.  My goal was 213 books (I have no idea why I picked that number), and I passed it!  However, I'm not sure how many of those were picture books, which I don't really think should count ;)

If we were to do a Sno-Isle Teens reading challenge group, where we all encourage each other to read more, where would you want that to live?  Facebook?  Goodreads?  On this blog?  Someplace else?  I'd love to get a community together of teen book lovers
from all over Snohomish and Island county talking together about books.

Who's in?


Andrew King said...

I too love GoodReads and think that'd be a great place! I think there's a way to make groups on there and somebody could put together a Sno Isle one!

Swimmer Star said...

I LIVE on goodreads. That's where i find new books to read and where i look up books to see what they are about. I think a Sno-Isle group on GoodReads would be awesome!!!!!

Anne Murphy said...

Nice picture! ;-)

GoodReads is my favorite place for keeping track of my reading, and I love playing along with the annual reading challenge.

This year I'm aiming for 125 books! I think there will be a few picture books in there, and graphic novels go by pretty quickly.

Dawn said... we have started a group, please invite all your friends who love to read!