Monday, May 4, 2009

Casting Call!

I know that a handful of you have found Skeleton Creek, as all copies are currently checked out and there are 6 people in the queue for it. Plus, this just sounds neat.

from HipWriterMama:

I received an e-mail from Patrick Carman, letting me know there is an on-line casting call for his next vBook project

Patrick Carman is the author of The Land of Elyon series, the Atherton Trilogy, Elliot's Park Adventures. His most recent book, Skeleton Creek, combines the book, web videos and live webcasts, for the total reading experience.

Information on the teen roles to be cast, scripts, guidelines, how to submit your audition, and even a chance to view auditions can be found here. Auditions end May 31st.

I do want to stress that it's important to keep safe and aware when posting information about yourself on-line. This sounds like a fun opportunity, but remember, safety first.

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