Thursday, April 8, 2010

DIY for Teens at Sno-Isle Libraries

What do you think when you hear the words "craft" and "library" in the same sentence? Decorating bookmarks in 3rd grade? Assembling something from pipe cleaners and sticky piece of foam? Little kid stuff, right?

WRONG! At Sno-Isle Libraries we have lots of awesome one day classes where teens can learn how to make all kinds of cool things. Call it crafting if you must, but I much prefer DIY.

Last month Marysville Library had an awesome program where teens made LED throwies:

Marysville Library leads teens in making 'altered objects'

What fun stuff can you learn how to make?

Sharpie Transformations Monday April 12th - 3-5pm - Oak Harbor Library
Duct Tape Style Monday April 12th - 3pm - Arlington Library
Flower Hair Clips Tuesday April 20th - 4-5pm - Lynnwood Library
Book Safe Wednesday April 28th - 3:30pm - Marysville Library (registration required)
Melted Crayon Bookmarks Monday May 3rd - 4-5:30pm - Edmonds Library
Terra Cotta Flower Pots Monday May 10th - 3-5pm - Oak Harbor Library
Pop Tab Bracelets Tuesday May 18th - 4-5pm - Lynnwood Library
Tic Tac Toe Games Wednesday April 28th - 3:30pm - Marysville Library (registration required)

Plus there is Gaming and Crafty Activities every Monday from 4-5:30 at the Darrington Library!

And there will be a whole lot more this summer :)

Don't forget, all these classes are FREE FREE FREE!

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