Thursday, April 1, 2010

Late Entry

The Teen Tech Month Video Contest is closed to entries now, and this one came in late, so it isn't eligible, BUT I think it's a pretty awesome effort and deserves to be seen. Even if it's tardiness keeps it from being in the running.

More info on how you can help us choose the Video Contest Winner coming soon!*

*savvy readers might know where we usually hold such polls and may already be voting...


Anonymous said...

Found where to vote, but not all videos that are shown on YouTube are listed on the poll. Also, two of the videos are the same - library and finished library. Will voting results be started over when officially announced to vote?

Dawn said...

The videos in the poll are the finalists. I'll have the duplicate removed...thanks for catching that! Voting results will not be started over, unless we find a flaw in the system.