Monday, June 28, 2010

Calling Teen Writers!

How do writers make a real scene of a simple situation? Layering of course! Young adult authors Heather Davis (Never Cry Werewolf, The Clearing) and Liz Gallagher (The Opposite of Invisible) will lead you through the process of layering in setting, character emotions, thoughts and other details that make a scene come alive.

Actual. Published. Authors of Awesomeness will be at Lynnwood Library at 4pm.

Writing a book? Think you might want to someday? Aiming to be the next famous author?Just want to rock at the next creative writing assignment? Bored with summer already and need something to do this afternoon?

Not to be missed. Seriously.

And while we're at it, there are two more writing workshops this summer, so put July 27 & August 17th on your calendar, 'cause Kevin Emerson (songwriting workshop!) and Holly Cupala (Keeping Secrets: Creating Characters Who Turn the Page) will be here!

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