Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hearts at Stake Winner + Favorite Vampires

We have a winner for Alyxandra Harvey's Hearts at Stake! Ashley C. was chosen in a random drawing. Ashley...email your home library to teens@sno-isle.org, and I'll send the book your way.

Who were people's favorite vampires?

Ann D said... My favorite vampire of all time would be Edward Cullen...but in the movie, Alice Cullen would be my favorite :)

Katie N. said... count von count from sesame street!

Ashley C. said... My favorite vampire would either be Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles (Interview with the vampire)or James Stark from House of Night. Lestat because he's beastly, hilarious, AND a rock star. And Stark because he's hot and is great at Archery.

Alex S. said... my favorite vampire would have to be Grimshaw from the darkside series by Tom Becker

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