Friday, July 9, 2010

Printz Winning Author Speeches

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to attend the American Libraries Association conference and go to the Printz Author reception put on by the Young Adult Library Services Association. The speeches the authors gave were funny, heartfelt and just plain wonderful. And now you can watch them, too! Libba Bray's especially is not to be missed.

Adam Rapp talking about his dark, but great, book Punkzilla:

Deborah Heiligman speaking about Charles and Emma (so romantic!):

Rick Yancey talking about his terrifying and gruesome The Monstrumologist:

John Barnes speaking from his heart about how writing Tales of the Madman Underground changed his life:

And of course, the big winner, Libba Bray being her witty, sweet, hilarious self, talking about the amazing Going Bovine:

If you needed a great little summer reading could not go wrong with these books. I thought they were all great. Punkzilla was a bummer, but oh so good. Charles and Emma was incredibly sweet. The Monstrumologist was the goriest book I've enjoyed in a long time. Tales of the Madman Underground is very mature, with characters you just want to hug. And Going Bovine made me laugh so hard, but also broke my heart.. I'd love to hear what you thought of any of these!

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