Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekend Book Give-Away: All the Earth Thrown to the Sky

When going through hard times, people have different ways of coping.  Readers seem to be split into two major groups.   Some like to read fantasy that takes them a thousand miles away from their troubles.  And then there are those who like to read about people who are having an even worst time then they are...telling themselves "well at least I don't have it that bad".  Me, I try to practice gratitude ever day and be thankful that I have wonderful creative escapist books to read whenever I like, and that I also can learn empathy and how lucky I am by reading about struggles brave people endure.

Jack, the main character in All the Earth Thrown to the Sky by Joe R. Lansdale, is having a very hard time, and living in really tough time in America's history:

When the devastation wrought by endless dust storms in 1930s Oklahoma makes orphans of Jack, his schoolmate Jane, and her brother Tony, they take the truck of a dead man and set out to find a new start. 

This week's question has two parts:
  1. What do you like to read to get you through challenging times?
  2. What are you thankful for this week?   
Me, I like to read graphic novels when I'm stressed out, because they are imaginative, really pull me out of myself, and because they are quick...give me an easy feeling of accomplishment.   I'm thankful for my great job (working with you guys), my adorable French Bulldog Liza Lou, and my family...especially my brand new baby niece!

Winner will be selected by my buddy Random Number Generator on Tuesday November 29, 2012.  Be sure to leave a name with your entry, and check back to see if you won. To win you must be a teen (6th-12th grade, or 12-18) who uses a Sno-Isle Library.


Macey said...

I like to read emotional, dramatic, heart-wrenching stories because they touch my heart. Looking at the challenges the characters face help me relax and also sometimes provide a solution to my problem. This week, I am thankful for my health. So many people have cancer, diabetes, disease, or other dangers to their life which make me extremely grateful I'm alright.
M.M. Monroe

AC said...

I like to read fantasy. The really action-y or confusing parts so that I can focus on trying to figure out what's going on in that world, instead of thinking about what's going on in mind. A book that I usually come back to when I'm unhappy is Maledicte by Lane Robins, because there are so many plot intricacies that I don't have to think about my world at all.
Aaaand, I'm thankful for my job, and my friends who complain about how great my job is, but still love me enough to talk to me while I'm playing video games (Oh and I'm thankful for the new Zelda game too...)


Cyrus Commissariat said...

When I am going through a particularly hard time in my life I am very picky as to what I am reading. I guess that I like to read books that are long, interesting and are also "exciting" to get my mind away from the thing that I do not what to think about so I can sit back, relax and read. I am thankful for having a good family, school, house and library.

Maddy E. said...

I like to read Chicken Soup for the Soul when I am having a hard time or when I'm stressed out. The stories are short and easy so when I have to read books for school, I don't need to pick up a new novel to make me feel better. This week I am thankful for my family, friends and pets, because they make me happy.

Dawn said...

From Tess in Granite Falls:

"I enjoy reading romantic fantasy, because it can take me anywhere. It can never ask those annoying questions, like how does that make you feel. It just sends me to a time or a place where words paint color pictures of knights, and horses, and witty, attractive guys. But I also like fantasy for another reason. It lets me travel to places that only I know about. In those places I can be myself without anyone saying, "NO! This is who you are and this is how you're going to live you're life." In the fantasy realm, I can make friends who won't judge me, and when I travel there, I can be anyone I want to be.

This week I'm thankful for you, and you, and you too! I'm thankful for friends, and family and just all things in general. We are so lucky, even if we don't realize it. Because some kids don't have the opportunities that we have. Some kids don't have a family like we have. Some kids will never be as lucky as we are, thats why I'm greatful for everything. I'm greatful that there are people trying to help those kids. i'm greatful even for those kids, because they make me feel a whole lot luckier and it puts me into perspective."

(Please don't post your full name and phone number in the blog posts ;)

Noah said...

Eh, I admit to being one of those fantasy readers ^.^ A good fantasy always helps me when I'm feeling down (I have a few I go back to often, too). There's just something about a completely different world that makes your problems seem a million miles away...
This week, I'm thankful for a lot of things: a roof over my head, family, friends, health...but especially perserverance, which I know I've needed a lot this month :)

Anonymous said...

I read science fiction romance. Its intriguing and always take my mind away to another time and then helps me focus on my challenges. I am thankful for my family always.

Dawn said...

Random Number Generator went with #1 this week...Macey! I'll be sending your book to Chuck at Monroe. He will let you know when it arrives :)