Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Book Give-Away: Erebos

There are a number of things that creep me out.  Stepping on worms or slugs.  Seeing videos of medical students dissecting bodies.  And the cover to this week's book, Erebos by Ursula Poznanski.

When sixteen-year-old Nick Dunmore receives a package with a mysterious computer game called Erebos, he hopes it will explain his classmates' strange behavior. He is quickly drawn into the cryptic world of the game, where players must obey a strict code. Erebos watches its players and begins to manipulate their lives in frightening ways. It soon becomes clear the game has a deadly agenda. When Nick sets out on a dangerous mission, reality and the virtual world begin to blur.      

I really don't like that feeling like someone is watching you but you can't tell for sure.  When I'm home at night, I have to have every single window fully covered, just so I know no one is watching!

To enter into a drawing for an advanced reader copy of Erebos, tell me about something that seriously creeps you out.  Doesn't have to be something that actually happens, just something you think about a little too much, and bugs you more than it should.

Winner will be selected with Random Number Generator on Tuesday June 19, 2012. Be sure to leave a name with your entry, and check back to see if you won. To win you must be a teen (6th-12th grade, or 12-18) who uses a Sno-Isle Library.


Ashtastic The Great said...

Something that creeps me out more than it should is the idea of falling off a cliff or high height of some sort. See, I don't hate being up high, I love roller coasters and that sort of thing, but the idea of getting down from those high places, or the possibility that I may fall is terrifying. It's one reason why I won't jump off a anything.

Noah said...

Well, since this post is already in the vein of video games, I'd have to say that the PC game Amnesia: The Dark Descent really freaks me out. It's a horror game with realistic sound effects and a gamma so low you have to turn out the lights to play it...oh, and you're in a creepy mansion running from a bunch of monsters...with no memory of who you are or why you're here....and you can't leave until you find out. Or die, whichever comes first. Anyhow, it does its job well as a game not for the faint of heart.

Dawn said...

Having recently dislocated my shoulder after jumping off a small cliff, I totally get that, Ashley! Though I have to say, Noah's video game sounds pretty darn creepy too.

R#G went with #1, so this book goes to Ashtastic the Great!