Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Book Give-Away: The Girls of No Return

Do you like adventure?  Trying out new things?  Getting away from it all?  What is it you like to get away from?  Me, I like to escape drama.  So I'm not sure the scenario in this week's book is The Girls of No Return by Erin Saldin would be much of a vacation for me:

A troubled sixteen-year-old girl attending a wilderness school in the Idaho mountains must finally face the consequences of her complicated friendships with two of the other girls at the school.     

To enter the drawing for this book, tell me about a vacation or plan that didn't go as you had hoped, for better or for worst.

Winner will be selected with Random Number Generator on Tuesday June 6, 2012. Be sure to leave a name with your entry, and check back to see if you won. To win you must be a teen (6th-12th grade, or 12-18) who uses a Sno-Isle Library.  


Macey said...

A vacation that didn't go as planned was when we went on a trip for about a week over to eastern Washington. I forgot my bag! You don't realize how much you love your clothes and toothbrush until they're gone... :)

Maddy E. said...

Last summer we had a whole plan to go to Great Wolf Lodge with our best friends. The week we were supposed to go, our friends called and they had all gotten sick! We had to cancel the trip, with no garauntees of getting another chance. Fortunatly we were able to go later in the summer, and had a blast! :)

Noah said...

Well, two weeks ago, I went camping at Warm Beach. Since it was going to rain all week, I unpacked my swimsuit, which was in the same bag as my towel. What I didn't realize wast that taking showers ALSO involved a towel. I ended up drying off with nothing but paper towels! >.< It was an interesting experience.

Dawn said...

Random number generator chose Macey! Macey, please email me at and let me know your full name and what library you want to pick up your book at ASAP :)