Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Edumacational Internet

My latest internet fascination is the website Geoguessr.
(It seems to work better with Google Chrome.)

It turns Google maps and street images into an addictive game.

Geoguessr drops you into a street view somewhere in the world.....anywhere from the middle of a desert or the middle of a huge city. You then can pan around or move up and down the road to try and figure out where you are.

Once you have an idea (or a wild guess) click in the map in the upper right corner. (You can zoom in and pan to be very specific.)

You will then get a report on how close you were.

After visiting 5 places you get your final score....which you can then pass onto to someone else with a URL that is provided.

It also provides another URL that allows you to pass the exact same 5 locations onto someone else, to see if they can improve on your score!

You can set your own rules.
Sometimes I play without allowing myself to move down the road at all....trying to guess from just what I can see from spinning the camera.
If you want, you can move down the road all you want and Google any road signs you see to get as close as possible!

Beware! Sometimes you will get a location that does not allow you to move!

This is a great way to "see the world"!

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AareneX said...

...45 minutes later, I realize that I'm going to be late. A new victim of Geoguesser!