Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tech Thursday Free App Day: "Remember Everything" with Evernote -- a great way to stay organized this fall!

Yes, it must be acknowledged -- the start of school is close at hand. Evernote may help make your school life easier. Available for Windows, Android and iOS users.

evernote iconAs they promise on their website, Evernote "... is the easy and powerful way to remember everything, from lifelong memories and vital information to daily reminders and to-do lists."
You can do more than just save webpages:
  • Make notebooks for each subject, then take/save notes, upload images, and add relevant webpages
  • Organize your notes by notebooks and tags/keywords; search by keyword
  • Make to-do lists, take notes, and save Tweets to your Evernote account
  • Upload photos and add audio for an interesting presentation
  • All of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use  and automatically synced, so they're always ready for reading
  • Share your notes with classmates (or have them share theirs with you)
  • Connect Evernote to other apps and products you use
Plus there are lots of Evernote products that can help you organize your schoolwork and after-school interests even on the links if you want to learn more or see how others have used them.
Webclipper: Save anything you see online forever — including text, links and images — with a single click.  (

Peek: Turn your notes, audio and images in Evernote into study materials (

 Penultimate: iPad only (really bummed and hope there's an Android tablet app soon) Beautiful digital handwriting app for iPad that combines the natural experience of pen and paper with the flexibility and syncing of Evernote (

Skitch: Get your point across with fewer words by adding notes, shapes and sketches to visual media. To get ideas of uses:

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Anonymous said...

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The latest version also allows you to easily share these notes via email and all your favorite social networks. Auto-geotagging helps you remember when and where you the note was taken so you never lose that stroke of genius regardless of where it hits you.