Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tech Thursday -- Online Brainteaser Games

I think one of the least stressful ways to learn about science and technology is to play games. Have fun playing games while increasing your knowledge base @ the Science Museum website. While they have quite a few games, the ones I've found most interesting are:

LAUNCHBALL, where you "slide, bounce, and spring your way through 30 obstacle-filled levels". The cool thing about this game is that you can build your own course and then challenge your friends (or have them challenge you). To start, you're given six levels to get warmed up and understand how the course works, and then it gets real. Bonus: you learn about physics while mastering the game!

Then there's Water Wars: DRENCH: use and maintain five technologies to capture enough water to grow food for a growing population. Can't say I'm awesome at the game, but I like the graphics.

drench screenshot
See how good you are at codebreaking with the Codebreaker Challenge. Inspired by Alan Turing,  a computer science pioneer who helped decipher the German's WWII wartime communication encryption program,"Enigma", this game will test your encryption (or, in this case, de-encryption)skills. Break three coded challenges on each level to get to the Master challenge and crack the Enigma machine. It starts off okay, but it is quite the challenge. (They will give hints, but hints cost you points!)

What science-related games do you like playing? 

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