Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tech Thursday - Free App: SHAZAM

One app that I use often, whether I'm watching a movie/TV show or listening to the radio and want to know what song is playing, is Shazam...I'm amazed that it's free because it's such a cool product!
Once downloaded, simply tap the Shazam button to instantly tag the content, and then you can also explore, buy, share and comment about it. Tagging is unlimited, so use Shazam as much as you want.

When it first came out, it was for music only, a somewhat recent addition is video entertainment as well, so if there's media playing, you'll be able to find out what show or movie is on with a quick button push. (I've not yet used it for that.)

For example, while watching the movie Oblivion this weekend, I wondered what song it was that Tom Cruise's character liked so much. Just a quick tap of the Shazam icon and I not only had the song name (Led Zeppelin's Ramble On), and a quick link to amazon to download the song, but also:
  • the album it was on
  • associated Youtube videos
  • Led Zeppelin's bio and also their discography (a list of all their recordings)
  • date/time when I tagged it
  • associated ringtones

For some songs, they even have "LyricPlay", which streams the lyrics in time with the song -- so you know the right

Also, once tagged, you can share the your tag on G+, Facebook and Twitter

Get Shazam:
  • on iPhone & iPod touch
  • on Android
  • on Windows Phone
  • on Windows 8
  • on BlackBerry
  • on iPad
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    Dawn said...

    Cool! I've always meant to download this app...I'm doing it right now. Thanks for the reminder :D