Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Tech Thursday" - Google+Maker #WeekendProjects - chock full of great tech ideas

Today I thought I'd share a great online community maker source, google+MAKE.

Whether it's a "Crittergram" Capture Cam:

Read more:
a DIY solderless breadboard circuit that pulses LEDs in time to music:
or a "Drawdio" -- a simple sound synthesizer that you build on a pencil:

this google+ site will provide some fun tech projects to chase away the blues during all those rainy weekends we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you build a project that's listed, or whether you see a project and it gives you an idea, serving as the basis for your own inspired creation, it's a fantastic site to visit. 

I'm currently thinking about the making the drawdino, the pallet wall nursery, or the homemade speaker box...I hope there's something there that piques your interest as well!

If you do find a project and build it, please let us know!

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