Thursday, October 29, 2009

Special Halloween Weekend Book Give Away

Hey everybody!

This weekend we have a particularly awesome mini-contest - we are giving away two copies of the Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Deluxe Edition! This version has cool paintings by Roberto Parada, a lovely faux-leather binding, and a very cool cover...making for a really nice zombie collectors edition.

How can you win? Post a link to your favorite bit of zombie culture, be it a clip from a movie, a t-shirt, a book, or a photo of yourself dressed up, and tell us why you love it! The most enthusiastic zombie lover will win :)

The rules: You MUST be between the ages of 12-18. You MUST be able to pick up your prize at one of the 21 Sno-Isle Libraries (or be on the bookmobile route). Find a library near you. Note that you can only enter ONCE!

Just post your link, reason, your first name and your local library by the end of Monday November 2nd...then check back to see if you won (winner will be announced on Tuesday November 3rd). Do not include your email in the post...we will ask you to contact us later with that info, as we want to keep it private.


Ann said... favorite scene would be when the zombie is chasing after the old lady and she pulls the string and walks inside of the building. Once the zombie gets to the door, a piano falls on him. I think it's hilarious how an old lady is so calm and happy as she pulls the string and just walks into the building; away from the crazy zombie.

david said...

i think that this movie is hilarious. i like the beginning when he is completely clueless about what his going on. i also like the part where they act like zombies so they can go to their favorite pub. everyone should watch this movie. good mix of comedy, friendship, and that zombie goodness

Pjbrrymn said...

I love Zombie land. The rules are hilarious.
1. Cardio
2. double tap etc.
My favorite zombie book is Pride Prejudice and Zombies. HAHA. It follows the idea of Pride and Prejudice. Basicaly the auther decided she really liked the english master piece but IT NEEDED ZOMBIES.

Pointless Dreamer said...

This is the link to the website of Tommy Williams. He is a character from the Generation dead series by Daniel Waters. He is a zombie and I like how the Zombies (or living impaired) in this book play out. If I had to be in a zombie book or movie or game it would in this book. My favorite zombie based movie is Zombie Land. I would completely love to be ”The Zombie Killer of the Week”. I would have some fun with some fireworks…. Lol I also love how “Columbus” (they use the names of where they are headed to) is always trying to find his twinkie!!! The zombie survival guide is a wonderful idea that was added to the movie too. I'm also pretty sure it would help people stay alive if Zombies were to take over the world. lol Rule #1: Cardio Rule #2: Double Tap Rule #: 6 Cast Iron Skillet O.o My friend has read this book and she said it was a wonderful book. Also guess what I am for Halloween this year!!! That’s right, a Zombie. It might not be one of the best costumes but I made the skirt myself. Not able to take a picture though so sorry.

Brittany Roberts said...

I like this picture because the zombie looks like he just got slapped or something XD Zombies are awesome!

Elizabeth Berryman said...

Hey pointless dreamer is me i realized by name might not show up so its Elizabeth Berryman making sure