Monday, November 2, 2009

Leftover Halloween Candy?

From one of my favorite sites, I HEART DAILY:

10-30-2007.NH_30candy.G1J28UKGG.1Did everyone have a ghoulish Halloween this weekend? Eat lots of candy? I did, but even Candy Master Anne has a breaking point, and as I ate my last fun size Twix, I threw the gold wrapper down in disgust. ENOUGH!

I started researching what I could do with all my leftover candy. I found some great dessert recipes, and even some science experiments I could conduct, but I came across the best solution: I'm going to send my leftover confections to our troops overseas.

Soldiers commonly request candy and gum in care packages. The candy should be heat resistant, so stuff like chocolate won't travel well, but things like Twizzlers, Skittles and any kind of hard candy will do just fine.

Find out how to send a care package by visiting these sites: Support Our Troops, Operation ShoeBox, or Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude has even started a nationwide buy back program for leftover Halloween candy. You can trade in your candy for $1/lb. at participating dentists in your area! Last year they collected over 21 tons of candy to send to our troops. Wowee zowee!

Now that's what I call sweet charity.

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