Thursday, December 30, 2010

Libraries & Flash Mobs

Flash mobs fascinate me. I've never participated in one (although I had a chance a few weekends ago; I was too cold and tired to make the effort), but it seems like a surprising amount of them happen in libraries.

For instance:

and, closer to home:

While this one isn't in a library, it is the first I ever saw, and still my favorite:

What do you guys think about flash mobs? Have you participated in one? Would you? If you were to put together a flash mob, what would you have people do? Where would you do it?

Give me insight and one of you'll win an ADVANCE copy of PINK by Lili Wilkinson, which hasn't even come out yet! Regular readers won't be able to get it until FEBRUARY!

You've got until midnight on January 6th to enter!

Only students in grades 6-12 who can pick their winnings up at one of the 21 Sno-Isle Libraries are eligible to win.

(and I'm still looking for Sarah R to contact me from this post!)


Kj said...

I think flash mobs are really cool, and extremely entertaining to watch. I haven't participated in one, but it sounds like fun! If it were my choice, I'd have everyone interested in participating synchronize their watches and freeze for 5 minutes at either Pike's Place Market or the food court at a mall.
-Krystal J

Ashley Cline said...

Well...they look interesting that's for sure. I, personally, could not see myself participating. Way too many people and flailing limbs for my comfort (I like my face intact when I leave a place)
Maybe...maybe at a library I would consider it. Who wouldn't want to be in close contact with a bunch of fun-loving bookies? But I can't see it happening at my library...too many shelves and bookthings in the way.

Emily Hess said...

I LOVE flash mobs! I wish our library here in Marysville would do one! My favorite one is

Kasey R said...

My friends and I have always wanted to be in a flash mob, and we almost got to at the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall but we were too late. So next time we are going to make our own and we're thinking of doing Can't Touch This by MC Hammer or Take it Off by Kesha

Ann said...

We were supposed to do a flash mob during this huge convention, but nobody ever gave us the time or place to do it kind of failed. Although learning the dance was pretty fun!