Sunday, December 11, 2011

Anya and Her Ukulele!

There are some REALLY talented teens in Snohomish and Island Counties, and here is one of them:

I first met Anya at the Monroe Library's summer talent competition called "Monroe's Got Talent". It was held this past June and Anya won first place in that competition when she sang the Bruno Mars song "Grenade", which you can hear her play below:

After hearing Anya play, we thought it would be awesome if she came and played a concert for people in Monroe at the library. The YouTube videos you see in this post were recorded at that concert, which was held last month. There were over 50 people from our community in attendance at the program, and Anya really put on an entertaining show with her music and stories about the ukulele and it's history. She did a great job and the library was really lucky to have her perform!

Do you have a special talent, play an instrument or have a unique skill? Share it with us in the comments section!


Anh V Huynh said...

Thanks for sharing with us these great videos. I'd just like to make a correction to a small detail therein: I believe the song Grenade was originally written and performed by Bruno Mars, not Jason Mraz.

Charles Pratt said...


You are right. I've corrected the mistake; thanks for letting me know!