Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fantasy Fiction Meets the Western

I am a big fan of Fantasy Fiction....when it is done right. Although I freely admit there is a lot of dreck out there. I think that just makes you appreciate the good stuff all the more.

Joe Abercrombie is a relatively new author to the genre but he has made a big splash with each of his novels.

I like his books because of the brutally realistic way he portrays his world. Don't look for Elves, poetry, fair maidens, or even noble heroes in his books. The word most commonly used to describe his style is "gritty".  His world is bloody. His characters talk like real people and nobody is all good or all bad. Best of all his books are fun to read.
Each of his books has been better than the last which has me very excited for his latest, Red Country.

For this book he is writing a fantasy novel set in the usual pseudo-medieval world but is using themes and plot devices usually associated with Westerns.

Fans of Abercrombie are very excited because the book trailer seems to hint that Logen Ninefingers is going to make an appearance. The Bloody Nine is one of my favorite characters.

 I can't wait!

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