Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Featured Teen Book Review of the Week: Whirligig

This week's book review of the week features a title I've long been a fan of, and am delighted to see people are still discovering!  


3 stars.

Describe the book: Brent, a 17 yr old, gets in a car crash and kills the person in the other car. For repentance the deceased Lea's mother asked him to build whirligigs in the 4 corners of the US, as doing so he slowly heals...and his whirligigs have some interesting effects on the people who find them.

What did you think: I loved it, specifically the last whirligig he built in Main, I'm not ruining it, but its interesting, and has a small sense of closure.

Who would you recommend it to: People who like books that are probable.

 - B.K. (Grade 9) from Arlington Library

B...I'll be sending you a surprise book to the Arlington Library.  Jocelyn, our teen librarian there, will let you know when it arrives!

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