Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Featured Teen Book Review of the Week: Beautiful Music for Ugly Children

AK reviewed this book before the library even got its copy, I'm impressed!  Been hearing good things about this book, so glad to get a review of it.

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children 
 4 stars. 
Describe the book: Gabe is a transgender male who gets a volunteer radio job for one hour each week, Fridays at midnight, from a good radio friend and neighbor of his named John. Being a radio DJ is his first experience being Gabe in public, and even gains a fanbase, but things get stirred up when a student finds out that Gabe is also Liz from their high school. 

What did you think: I read this book in 4 short hours, I couldn't put it down. I like to read lgbtq books, and the huge musical part of the book also grabbed me too because I love music, so it holds two things that grab my interest. I also like how it's not about accepting yourself as trans, but beginning the process of showing the world your true identity. 

Who would you recommend it to: gr8+, lgbtq, music, friends, relationships, family

 - A.K. (Grade 10) from Mill Creek Library

AK...I'll be sending you a book tomorrow, care of Danielle at the Mill Creek Library :)

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