Thursday, July 7, 2011

Week Five Earbud Winners

Now that we've FINALLY had a bit of sun, and the rain and drizzle is back it is a perfect excuse to stop going outside and get back to the serious business of READING! And reviewing, of course.

Our review count at the moment is a marvelous 2638! Can we hit 5,000 this year? I believe that yes we can! Especially if this rain keeps up... ;(

This week's earbud winners are:

Annika B. - Arlington Library
Pauline W. - Arlington Library
Mirka M. - Freeland Library
Cole H. - Lake Stevens Library
Frances T. - Lynnwood Library
Naomi T. - Marysville Library
Charley M. - Mill Creek Library
Sammy L. - Mill Creek Library
Drew Q. - Mukilteo Library
Amber B. - Mukilteo Library
Katelyn B. - Mukilteo Library
Dominque N. - Oak Harbor Library
Lily W. - Snohomish Library
Halle C. - Stanwood Library
Sadie C. - Stanwood Library

Your Teen Librarian will contact you when the earbuds arrive. Keep them coming folks!

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