Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weeks Seven AND Eight Earbud Winners

Sorry I forgot to do the contest last week! I made a draft of the blog post, then took of to Cleveland for Digiapalooza (a conference on downloadables). We have so much cool stuff you can get from the library from home for free, and lots of great stuff coming down the road!

So just what are you listening to with your earbuds?

Right now I'm checking out this music:

and looking forward to listening to these books:

Heard anything good lately? are the lucky 30:

Amy C. - Monroe Library
Hope R. - Monroe Library
Abigail C. - Mill Creek Library
Halle C. - Stanwood Library
Emma C. - Mill Creek Library
Zoe J. - Mukilteo Library
Cassie K. - Stanwood Library
Nick P. - Marysville Library
Ann D. - Lynnwood Library
Madison B. - Mill Creek Library
Yeonhee J. - Lynnwood Library
Katie-Beth H. - Edmonds Library
Alexandra G. - Mukilteo Library
Jadia B. - Monroe Library
Olivia B. - Lynnwood Library
Naomi G. - Arlington Library
Estella J. - Lynnwood Library
Abbie G. - Marysville Library
Alethea C. - Marysville Library
Kristen S. - Langley Library
Brian T. - Lynnwood Library
Roman Y. - Marysville Library
Emily I. - Edmonds Library
Min C. - Mukilteo Library
Matthew B. - Marysville Library
Brianah N. - Marysville Library
Linh L. - Snohomish Library
Mackenzi C. - Marysville Library
Leah L. - Oak Harbor Library
Katie P. - Snohomish Library

Your Teen Librarian will notify you when they arrive :)

Haven't won yet? Keep trying, you still have two weeks!

We've hit over 4500 reviews!
Can we reach 5000?!?

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Charles Pratt said...

Let's get 5,000 reviews! I know we can do it. There are TONS of great books to read this summer!