Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekend Book Give-Away: Unison Spark

This week's book give away is for all you science fiction lovers out there.  Unison Spark is author Andy Marino's first teen book.  From the publisher's page:

Everyone is obsessed with Unison, the social network that knows you better than you know yourself. Everyone who can afford it, that is. Living beneath the vast ceiling that separates Eastern Seaboard City into rich topside and poor sub-canopy zones, fifteen-year-old Mistletoe can only dream of logging in and has to make do with technological hand-me-downs. 

Worlds collide when Ambrose Truax, the privileged heir to the Unison empire, wanders into the dangerous sub-canopy streets and Mistletoe saves him from suspicious, uniformed men. They soon discover that they share eerily similar dreams, hinting at a significant past. 

Together, Ambrose and Mistletoe begin to unravel the mystery of their identities and learn that they’re pawns in a bigger game: the Unison 3.0 upgrade, a whole new kind of Friendship. 

To enter to win this fine brand new hardcover, all you have to do tell me what you think would make an awesome improvement to today's social networks.  What would be a cool 3.0 improvement for you? (The ability to smell online? Actually poke your friends? ???)
Winner will be selected by my buddy Random Number Generator on Tuesday January 10, 2012. Be sure to leave a name with your entry, and check back to see if you won. To win you must be a teen (6th-12th grade, or 12-18) who uses a Sno-Isle Library. 


AC said...

Haha, actually poking your friends would be epic. But so, too, you be little holograms of yourself that read out the messages right on the desk (or lap) or the person who is receiving it. That way, we could truly see who is laughing out loud.
(Also, maybe a dislike button?)

Kj said...

I think an awesome improvement would be... Actually just leaving it alone for awhile. Facebook is constantly changing and every time it does, I read probably a dozen statuses complaining about the changes. So if it would stop changing for at least long enough for the changes to quit being annoying, then it would be awesome. Also, everyone I know wants the dislike button.

Anonymous said...

I think if they were able to make a program that not only would write what would said as you spoke to it but also could sense facial expressions and everytime you laughed, cried, grimaced it would add it in the comment in paratheses. Also if they could make a software that had glasses so you were actually in the room with hologram visuals of your friends that you could interact and talk to with without having to be there it would be awesome.

Noah said...

There are a lot of things that would be cool to upgrade with...I think that maybe being able to download yourself temporarily onto an avatar online would be cool. Private chat sessions would exist for something like that, with the two people setting up their avatars and plugging themselves in. It would be an easier way to talk to and maybe hug friends and family who live far away.

Maddy E. said...

I think that an awesome improvement would be being able to download yourself into a movie or book. You could either impersonate a character or make a new name for yourself. It would be like a video game except you are actually experianceing it. For example you could download yourself into Harry Potter and be part of Hogwarts School.

Dawn said...

Mr. Random Number Generator picked AC again! Apparently RNG also really wants a dislike button.