Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Featured Teen Book Review of the Week: Can I See Your I.D.?

I love it when teens tell me about an exciting book I've never heard of before!  I bet I'll be bringing this one out to the schools on my next booktalk.

Can I See Your I.D.?

4 stars.

Describe the book: Ten imposters pass themselves off as people they aren't. A high school dropout spends days as a high-ranked navy surgeon. A poor woman pretends to be a foreign princess. A white man takes a few pill and then instantly explores the world as an African American.

What did you think: These stories were mind-blowing. I thought Mary was quite clever when she used other people's tales to create her own royal life story, and I was impressed when John figured out how to live life disguised as an African American. I was also awed at Solomon's courage. I think it would be so difficult to pose as someone you're not just to stay alive.

Who would you recommend it to: People who want to read shocking yet true stories

- R.B. (Grade 8) from Granite Falls Library

Thanks for the tip R.B.!  Unfortunately, I can only send prizes to our local libraries, and while you put down Granite Falls, your home address is in Virginia.  Let me know if you've moved :)

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