Saturday, October 27, 2012

Teen Read Month Special: Our Favorites - Tower of Treasure

Today's pick is from Chy, our librarian at the Lake Stevens Library.  He found a new graphic novel series called Three Thieves by Scott Chantler that he enjoyed a lot.  The first one in the series is Tower of Treasure:

"Orphan acrobat with traumatic childhood memories reluctantly joins two circus-mates, a blue-skinned pickpocket and a one-headed Ettin, in a plot to rob the royal treasury. This first in the series is a fun adventure, with good doses of humor and hints of complex plot intrigue to be unraveled in further volumes. With a setting and tone reminiscent of the Bone series, it is worth a look for anyone who enjoys colorful pre-industrial fantasy adventures. If you enjoy this one, move on to The Sign of the Black Rock"

You can also read the comics online here!

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