Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Featured Teen Book Review of the Week: Struck

If there is anything I love, it is an honest book review. And M.B. from Marysville is NOT afraid to pan a book when she doesn't like it:

0 stars.

Describe the book: Mia Price is addicted to getting struck by lightning. After having to relocate because of her dangerous ability, she thinks she has finally started to escape her addiction, but when a massive quake strikes San Francisco and a giant lightning storm threatens to take out the survivors, it's up to Mia to save the world.  

What did you think: This was terrible. I thought I was getting a book about a girl addicted to lighting trying to get over her issues in the face of a deadly earthquake, but instead I got random religious cults warring, dumb plot twists, and obnoxiously unlikeable characters who don't really make me like them any better by the end of the book.  

Who would you recommend it to: Don't read it. Seriously. It's weird.

- M.B. (Grade 11) from Marysville Library

Ok...M.B. I'm sending you another book, hopefully one you enjoy a whole lot more.   Happy Teen Read Month!


Ashtastic The Great said...

I agree 100% with this review...

Dawn said...

That is a sounded good!