Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teen Read Month - Mini Contest #3

This week's Mini Contest is for a Secret Surprise Bag once again contains:

Really cool pins.
More books.
A really random surprise.
An assortment of the newest and greatest Sno-Isle Libraries swag.

Plus...a shiny new hardcover edition of the long awaiting new book by one of my favorite authors, Jack Gantos, called Dead End in Norvelt:

In the historic town of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, twelve-year-old Jack Gantos spends the summer of 1962 grounded for various offenses until he is assigned to help an elderly neighbor with a most unusual chore involving the newly dead, molten wax, twisted promises, Girl Scout cookies, underage driving, lessons from history, typewriting, and countless bloody noses.

How can you win this great prize package?  In the comments below, write your own title and description (in the style above) about the book you would write about the summer you were 12 (or will be, if you are a 6th grader who is still 11).  For example mine would read something like this:

Bike Spokes and Weird Folks in Spokane

In the town pretending to be a city of Spokane, twelve-year-old Dawn R. spends the summer of 198something bicycling around with new found freedom, encountering fellow library geeks, dozens of books, milkshakes, swimming pools, Gremlins, and a bite in the butt from a surprisingly vicious dog!

Winning entry will be chosen next Thursday. Watch back here to see if it is you!


~Jordan Family said...

The summer Sadie was 12 she lived the carefree life. No more babysitters, no homework, and nothing to worry about. Good friends, and good times. Hangin' out at library reading and walkin around town feelin' so fly. The summer she was invinsible.

AC said...

(Twelve was a long time ago >.>)

Loser pirate kites
and many motor bikes
in Ocean Shores

In a city where the beaches are highways, twelve-year-old Ashley spends the summer of 2005 avoiding the doldrums of summer without friends by attempting to fly, and ultimately burning a pirate-ship kite, getting buried in the sand, having a cop take a photo with her penguin, and sleeping on the floor in a motel room to escape the snores of her family.

Emma Johnson said...

The 12th Crazily Magical
Summer of yours truly

When you're 12, everything is an exciting adventure, be it climbing trees, ice-cold water balloon fights or running around pretending you're a Ninja. The 12th summer of Aida Miller was no different from any other she had experienced, but it was, after all, summer. And stuff happens during summers. Like an unforgettable all-out war with a giant inflatable turtle, and living life "on the edge." (For a 12-year old, anyways.)

CG said...

Books and Bikes

In the growing town of Marysville, twelve-year-old Cassie spends the summer of 2007 hanging out with friends, trying to build a treehouse, realizing the library is a great place, reading countless books, riding bikes, and one very odd wagon crash!

Noah said...

A Novel Thrill in Marysville:

In her own corner of the world-which is conveniently also located in her hometown of Marysville, Washington- twelve-year-old Megan spends the summer of 2008 traversing the both the twisty paths of her neighborhoods and her own imagination. Armed with an arsenal of hardback books and her horse-riding best friend, she finds herself starting on a crazy road trip across Washington that promises to be chock-full of inside jokes, badly shot pictures, sour gummy worms, and endless noveling.

Maddy E. said...

Driving to Colorado

The summer of 2009, Maddy went on a road trip to Colorado with her mom and sister. The summer consisted of bad concerts, dam stores (A store on a dam), offroading in her aunt's jeep, lightening storms, public embarrassment at an Oregon muesum, bad car games, trucker stops, and a creepy stop at the Redneck Cafe in the middle of nowhere. The backwoods summer we still talk about.

Emily said...

How to Deal

In the summer,Emily was 12 and she thought of only one thing, horses. In a town where it was all city, and no country, Emily used summer to escape on a ranch. She thought it would be a way to get away from her friends that didn't understand and her family that didn't approve. It was far from it, the summer not only brought horses, but new ways to look at how her relationships were with her friends and family who, that until now, had only seen Emily's cover, not who she really was.

Anonymous said...

The Best Summer?

In a quiet town there lived a funny, crazy, and ridiculous girl named Michelle. Then she got her first job, Babysitting. She showed up every time, worked(played), and had fun with it! But then something changed her whole perspective of the job that she used to love...

Dawn said...

The winner this week is Ashley, whose antics with kites, cops and penguins are a story I want to read! Sending your prize pack on tomorrow!