Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TRM - Mini Contest #2 - Entry #2

 From MB:

My favorite place in the world to read is in that little space between my bedroom door and my sister's dresser. Maybe it's just my talent for finding comfort in the most awkward places, but for some reason, it's the most reader-friendly place I can think of! I love sitting there with a mug of hot chocolate in the evening and devouring some of my favorite books (a few of which are shown here). There's just something about it that makes me gravitate towards that particular spot...though my sister doesn't really appreciate me blocking the door every night!

I have tons of reasons to protect this spot from dirty vampires! The first, of course, being that this is my spot, and nobody touches my spot! Nobody! Even if they are undead and have an affinity for blood-sucking. Also, I keep my laptop and other important things right around this area. If they got to my spot, that could only lead to them finding- *gasp*- my bookshelf! I would definitely become a slayer to protect my books. Oh, and my sister, too, but mostly just the books.
Hmm...I am going as a vampire slayer for Halloween...looks like I'm set!

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