Monday, October 17, 2011

TRM - Mini Contest #2 - Entry #1

From KJ:

My number one favorite place to read is in my front yard on the grass under the shade of the dogwood tree. It's very peaceful, quiet, and I love reading in the sunshine, it's so much better than indoors! Unfortunately though, Washington weather tends to get pretty cold, so when it starts to head in a chilly direction, my second favorite place is in this little cubby I put together between one of my bookcases and my bed. The beanbag chair is super comfy, it's tiny and out of the way, and it's the only spot in the house I can escape to when I'm trying to get some peace and quiet.

Why would want to protect it from vampires? It's my house!! I don't really think they would want my front yard so much (too much sunlight), but if they did, I would have to do my best to drive them out. I don't really want to turn into a vampire slayer, but hey! This is my family's house we're talking about! Too much at stake here, with it not only being the best reading spot in the world, but also being well within the vicinity of my family. On the upside, I know a guy who makes survey stakes, I imagine that could be helpful.

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