Thursday, May 5, 2011

Give a Book, Get a Book

Ballou Senior High School in Washington DC has over 1,200 students. In a count earlier this year the school library only had 1,150 books in it. That's less than one book per student. The American Library Association recommends that there be 11 books per student in a school library. That's a pretty huge disparity.

Because of this, GuysLitWire has decided that their annual book fair will benefit Ballou. You can get in on the action by checking out the full post at GuysLitWire, and following the instructions to buy books through Powell's to donate to BSHS.

Similarly, KidEquip has partnered with The Giving Effect where people can donate 10 of their own gently-used books and get free postage to send to low-income and at-risk kids in the Detroit Metro area. So if you have books laying about that would be good for any child from birth to age 12, check out all of the details here.

Or, search The Giving Effect database for a local cause, and find out what you can do to help your community.

Give to any of these efforts, or spread the word about them, and tell me what you did in the comments. Every single one of the commenters will win a NEW book to keep for themselves, from us. So, when you comment, tell me what your favorite book is, and I'll try my best to match a freebie with your tastes.

Only students ages 12-18 or in grades 6-12 who can pick their winnings up at one of the 21 Sno-Isle Libraries are eligible for free books.

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Kendall Sirak said...

Wow, this is great opportunity to help kids out. I spread the word and posted about this on my blog, and I'm planning on donating to KidEquip. :)

Anyway, my favorite books are either the Fablehaven or Hunger Games series.