Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Listen to This!

Until recently, I never listened to audio books. I found them boring and tedious to listen to. This may stem from a bad book (I won't name names because it was quite popular at the time) during a cross-country road trip. A long commute and an epic to-read pile has since changed this, along with the discovery that a good narrator totally makes the book.

Case in point: Have you read Swim the Fly by Don Calame yet? Or the sequel Beat The Band? Both books are absolutely hilarious.

In Swim the Fly, best friends Matt, Coop, and Sean have one goal this summer: to see a girl naked. Their mission is not quite as easy as it sounds, especially since none of them have actually even dated a girl before. Meanwhile, Matt has to master the 100-yard butterfly in order to impress Kelly West, a popular girl with a meat-head boyfriend.

In Beat the Band the boys are back with another slapstick adventure. Coop has been paired with "Hot-Dog Helen" for a semester-long health project. The only way to save his reputation is to have his band win the school's Battle of the Band competition. Too bad his band (comprised of Matt and Sean) totally sucks, but a little help from his dad and new lead singer might be enough to win.

I listened to both of these on audio during my commute and on more than one occasion nearly got into an accident because I was laughing so hard. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't listen to these while on the road.

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