Friday, April 1, 2011

It's National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month everyone!

Lots of people think poetry is dead, but I believe it to be live and well. While poetry isn't making headlines or getting a reality TV show made, look around the internet and you will see lots of people are still making it, including teens. Teen Ink has an awesome poetry section that features only poems written by teens. Plus there are tons of videos of teens doing poetry slams on You Tube.

Ashley from Arlington recommended we check out this great performance, with a teen celebrating readers and geeks with healthy vocabularies:

Do you have a favorite poem or slam performance? Share the link below and what you love about it, for a chance to win!


Noah B. said...

This is a poem I found while browsing through Teen Ink. I must say that this is probably one of my favorite poems written by a teen. Her word choice is spectacular! And as a writer, I can definitely relate to the concept behind this.

Dawn said...

I found the last line a bit surprising! But yes, it sure does capture the concept well :)

Dawn said...

What library do you go to Noah? You were the only one to post, so you get a free book of poetry if you want it :)