Thursday, April 21, 2011

Make Your Own Comic Strip

Have a few minutes to kill or a great joke you'd like to see illustrated? Fancy yourself a budding comic artist, but find yourself lacking in the artist department?

Make your own digital comic strip with Strip Generator!

See it bigger here.

Share a link to your comic in the comments, and you win The Abused Werewolf Rescue Group by Catherine Jinks. You've got until midnight on May 1st to make your comic and submit it here (the comic you make does not have to be library related)!

(note, Strip Generator is all ages, and some user submitted content might be better suited to older viewers)

via I Heart Daily


Anonymous said...

that comic strip was corny, no offense

deFATpanda said...

does the comic strip have to be library related?

Anonymous said...

I made one, messed up on the 7th frame though it says "102:20 minutes in the game and ronaldo was the ball!"

Jackie said...

The comic strip does not need to be library related! And corny is TOTALLY acceptable. ;)